How an exterior renovation can add value to your inner west Sydney suburb home.

To determine how much value can be added to your inner west suburb home in Sydney by completing an exterior renovation, you must first assess the current state of your home’s exterior. We offer several exterior renovation services here at Green Frog Roofing, including; exterior painting, heritage restorations, roof replacement and carpentry. We strive to ensure your home’s exterior reaches its full potential and looks as fresh as it possibly can.

Suburbs in Sydney’s west have seen house prices rise significantly over the last 2 years, with the largest median house price increase being in Alexandria. Alexandria is a popular and expensive suburb in Sydney’s inner west, and so with many potential buyers on the lookout for a home in the area, an exterior renovation will help your property stand out as a preferred option. We use the best quality tools and materials on every renovation, and potential buyers will not be blind to this.

Exterior Painting

Many streets in Sydney’s inner west are busy and often explored, which is why an exterior renovation is important in maximising your home’s curb appeal and providing your home with a new and modern look. Fresh paint is one easy and inexpensive way to raise your house’s curb appeal and attract the attention of potential buyers. If you are not going into the market to sell your house, you can still enjoy having a gorgeous new coat of paint on your home’s exterior. A new coat of paint allows your home to look clean and new. Furthermore, if you find you are starting to feel slightly bored with your home, a fresh coat of paint will greatly benefit you. A bit of paint goes a long way in improving the overall look of your house.

Painting the exterior of your home can transform it from having a dated appearance, to a warm and welcoming one. Whether you are looking to sell, or want to ensure your guests feel at home, a warm and welcoming appearance is highly sought after among most homeowners. Homeowners who have decided to go ahead and paint the exterior of their home received a 51% return on their investment. This statistic is evidence of the value and curb appeal added on houses that look fresh.

Paint fades and chips over time. If you have bought your house second-hand like most people do, or have simply lived in your house for a long time, it is very likely that there is some peeling, fading, or cracking in the paint on your house. To the outside eye, this faded or chipped look makes the house look dull and old. This does not have to be the case, and it does not need to look this way. By repainting your home’s exterior, you not only increase the look of your house, but also its first defence against the elements. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in showing that you have  kept your home well maintained and protected throughout the duration you have lived there.

Heritage Restorations

At Green Frog, we also provide the option of a heritage restoration. A heritage restoration offers services such as waterproofing, painting, repointing of stonework, plastering, and more! Get a quote on our website to find out more information about pricing, and services we can offer you. Getting a heritage restoration done on your property will bring it back to life, and restore it to its original form. If you decide a heritage restoration sounds perfect for your property’s needs, we highly recommend not attempting to do any of it on your own. If you are not an experienced professional in restorations, it is likely that irreparable harm to the building may be done. We understand how important it can feel to restore your heritage property in its original form; older properties have many quirks and stories to tell! At Green Frog, we take heritage restorations very seriously, and are well-practiced in undergoing necessary tasks. We like to repair damage rather than replace it, so that it stays authentic and original. We will do this to ensure the property remains historically accurate, while simultaneously ensuring it meets modern building regulations. 


At Green Frog, we love building beautiful decks and verandahs that will transform your outdoor space! We will work with you on an individual design, engineered to the building code and finished by our specialist carpenters. We have many carpentry services for you to choose from, depending on your specific needs and desires! If you enjoy being able to spread out, enjoy time outdoors, or entertain friends and family, adding a verandah to your home can benefit you greatly. Verandahs provide a great space to relax, and depending on its size, you can add chairs, tables or even a barbecue! We can handle anything from roof finishing, to railings or decking. If you would like a carpentry service, grab a quote from us at Green Frog and we can get every detail sorted out for you.

Roof Replacement

There are many reasons you should consider making the most of the roofing services we offer. The roof of your house faces outside elements year after year, whether that is sun, rain, hail or strong winds, and so it is important to do regular maintenance on it. A damaged roof decreases your home’s overall value; if you are looking to sell your house, you should repair any faults, or decide whether a roof replacement is necessary. House prices in Sydney’s inner west are constantly on the rise, and so one way to maximise your benefit from this is to keep your roof looking fresh and ensure your property stands out. Potential buyers want to know that the roof of their house is sturdy and will not invite any leaks or structural damage. We specialise in all roofs including metal roofs, terracotta tile, cement and shingle. We have been in the roofing industry for over 20 years, and can not emphasise enough the importance of preparation and quality products when replacing your roof.
Through an exterior renovation on your home, you will greatly benefit from the value added to your home. Whether you want to enjoy having a rejuvenated home, or you are considering putting it on the market, exterior renovations can achieve greatness. If an exterior renovation is what you want, with the benefit of greater curb appeal and safety, what is stopping you? If you want to take the next step in this process, you can easily get a quote, or call us up regarding your request.