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Restoring your cement tiled roof

Cement restoration gives back the brand new look

Having been in the roof restoration industry for 20 years I cannot emphasise enough the importance of preparation and quality products. See Clint’s roof repair review. Bearing in mind that every roof is different, here are some of the common things I look out for:

  • Safe work assessment
    Before either myself or my workers commence your roof restoration we develop a safe work method statement.

  • Chipped and broken tiles
    These need to be replaced before any work commences. Our tile yard has over 10,000 tiles so finding the same style as yours should not be a problem.

  • Pressure cleaning
    We only use the proper equipment for each job (such a turbo heads).

  • Re-bedding
    Depending on the condition of your ridge capping, some or all of the cement may need to be removed.

  • Ridge capping
    This is where a licensed tiler will excel, giving you a professional new-roof look by using state-of-the-art flexible pointing.

  • Roof spraying
    There is a great difference in the primers, sealers and top coats on the market. Attention to detail (such as changing the spray tip) makes a big difference to the finished look of your roof.