Should you get a roof replacement?

If you have been wondering whether it is time to revamp your roof, a roof replacement is a great option for you to consider. Whether you are concerned for the structural integrity of your roof, the potential for leakage, or simply its aesthetic appeal, a roof replacement will satisfy your needs. Your roof plays a significant part in keeping your family and belongings safe and secure, and therefore should be treated with care. At Green Frog Roofing, we offer roof replacement for any situation, including a Tile Roof Replacement, Metal Roof Replacement, or Bullnose Roofing.

Roof replacement is the process of repairing your existing roof by stripping your existing roof safely, rectifying any defects, and then rebuilding your roof by replacing everything from old to new.

Tile roof replacement

Is the tile roof on your home damaged? Or worn and in need of an update? If so, your roof may not be providing adequate protection anymore. At Green Frog Roofing, we offer tile roof replacements. This includes replacing damaged or old sections of your roof, to ensure your roof’s longevity as well as aesthetic appeal. Whatever your goal for your roof is, we are excited to help you achieve it.

Many homeowners love the aesthetic that a tile roof adds to their home. To ensure this aesthetic is maintained each year, it is important to stay on top of replacing your broken or old tiles. While the features and benefits of each type of tile roof can vary, a fact that remains the same is that all types of tile roofs will require some replacing periodically. If unknown and minor damage does not get replaced with quality materials as soon as possible, it is likely that this damage will become a larger issue. The longer you wait to replace your damaged tile roof, the more it will cost you.

Our main options we offer to clients for tile roof replacements are Boral Roof Tiles, or Monier- both are of very high quality. Boral Ceramic and Terracotta tiles are kiln fired at 1100 degrees celsius to lock in a rich, deep and durable glaze that will not fade. They are also salt-safe and frost resistant which enables them to be suitable in any location.

Monier roofing also has a number of advantages, including the colour performance of their tiles, and resale value! Monier’s concrete and terracotta tiles have a 50-year lifetime colour performance guarantee, outperforming other materials. Homeowners increase the resale value of their home by 3 per cent when they choose these tiles. Both Boral and Monier tiles are made in Australia, which ensures that they are designed for harsh Australian conditions.

Metal roof replacement

As we have been in the roofing business for over 20 years, we have perfected our roof replacement process for each style of roof, and keep only top quality materials on hand to ensure your roof’s stability and security.

If you currently have a tile roof and are thinking of replacing it with a metal/colourbond roof, we can certainly help you out! Our process for this situation involves;

  • removing the tiles
  • fastening a new termite proof batten system
  • adding insulation foil- reducing heat by 25%
  • carefully marking out screw lines
  • Carefully fastening each sheet.

After each of these steps are completed, your new roof is done, and up to $60,000 value will have been added to your home!

Colorbond steel is tried and tested in Australian conditions to look great and deliver a long life performance. There are 22 colours in the range, so there are more than enough options for you to set your home’s theme, or complement some of your other choices!

Bullnose roofing

If you are looking to add style or function to your home, bullnose roofing is the perfect option for you! Here at Green Frog Roofing, we are quality bullnose roofing experts, with over 20 years of experience. We are masters of our work, and install and repair bullnose roofing for homes all across Sydney’s inner West. With Green Frog Roofing, you will get a roof you are proud of.

Bullnose roofs have multiple benefits including; improving the look of your home and reduced energy bills through increased insulation and less direct sunlight. There are many different design options for bullnose roofing, and at Green Frog Roofing we specialise in the installation and repair/replacement of these roofs. We ensure to use durable materials, and our goal is to go above and beyond to deliver the results you ask for.

Simply repairing your roof does not achieve the same results as a roof replacement does, and tends to be a temporary solution rather than a permanent one. At Green Frog, you can see we offer a variety of roof replacement services, and thus you can be sure we will have an option you will be happy and content with!