Why install gutter guards?

Gutter guards are super effective in protecting your gutters from debris and leaves, and anything else that may restrict water flow. If water flow is restricted in your gutters, this may easily cause damage to your roof! By installing gutter guards to your home, you will significantly decrease the risk of your roof being damaged, and an added benefit is that you will be able to spend less time clearing out your gutters each time it’s rainy or windy; the gutter guards will do the heavy lifting!

With the reduced maintenance required on your gutters, your risk of falling is also significantly reduced. Premature rusting is also able to be avoided with gutter guards, as they will keep leaves out. An added bonus is that the gaps possums may enter will be closed up! 

What is the process?

Why choose Green Frog Roofing?

Our gutter protector has won an Australian design award, as we ensure our guards will effectively protect homes from the Australian climate and diverse weather. Our aluminium screener that we use here at Green Frog Roofing also has the best possibly flammability rating from CSIRO, meeting all council and insurance requirements easily, actively reducing the risk of a fire in bush-fire prone areas!

Green Frog Roofing specialises in all aspects of guttering, from simple repairs to complete replacements. We pride ourselves on our effective guttering system and design, and how successful it is at preventing your roof from leaking, and making sure that any water flows in the right direction.

As we are an owner-operated business, we are not tied down to any specific product. This means that depending on the work we will be doing, we will be able to use the best product for each unique job depending on what our needs are.

What does your insurance cover?

Though you should seek comfort in the knowledge that our team is filled with experts that are fully licensed and insured, you should also keep in mind that we offer a 12 year guarantee on all of our products and materials.

This 12 year guarantee covers the overall integrity of the products we use; which includes colour consistency and paint lifting. It also covers the workmanship quality! If it turns out that our team has left your roof in a condition that is still not leaf-proof, we will come out and resolve the issue promptly. 

6 main leaf gutter guards

There are six main types of leaf gutter guards that are commonly used, and these include Metal clip-in gutter protection, Porcupine Sit-in Gutter Protection, Plastic fixed-on gutter protection, Aluminium fixed-on gutter protection, Metal Hidden Gutter Protection, and Metal flow-over gutter protection. Each of these have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

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