The roofing industry is massive, estimated to be worth more than $5 billion annually. The staggering number of roof types and roofing technologies produced by such a large industry often confuses consumers.

Boral roof tiles are a perfect choice that not everyone knows about. Read on for a short summary of these tiles and how to choose to make sure your home will enjoy their benefits!

boral roof tiles
Boral Tile Roof products laid in style

About Boral Roof Tiles

Boral is a roofing company that produces ceramic, terracotta and concrete roof tiles. They operate in Australia and all their tiles are very strong. Boral roof tiles use natural slate, clay and wood as raw materials and retain their strengths and refresh their appearance. They are able to withstand the challenges of nature, be it heat, cold or pests. Also, while Boral is a roofing tile supplier, they also manufacture a variety of roofing system components. Their products include upholstery, glitter and eaves products.

The Advantages of Boral Roof Tiles

One of the most common reasons people love Boral roof tiles is their unique, beautiful appearance. They feature a smooth surface that gives your roof a sleek, atmospheric look. You can also get roof tiles in many different colours and textures, so you can find the style that best suits your home.

The quality of Boral roof tiles is also very competitive. Boral roof tiles can last for decades, protecting your home from all kinds of severe weather and even resisting fire. But some objects do crack tiles and can be easily replaced by simply removing a broken tile, with extremely low maintenance costs.

Furthermore, when installed, your Boral roof tiles can provide excellent thermal insulation, helping to keep your home comfortable and maintaining the temperature you want, which also means lower heating and air conditioning costs.

Relevant Products Of Boral Roof Tiles

Boral underlayment products ensure your roof is exceptionally waterproof against severe rainstorms and strong winds. Boral’s liner options include their tile sealing liner and special material. This material is a reinforced underlayment made of bitumen. It can help ensure your home is resistant to very harsh weather conditions.

How to Choose The Right Boral Roof Tiles

After talking so many good things bout Boral roof tiles, how are you gonna pick the right one for your dream home?

Step 1 Material:

Your choice of material will depend on personal preference. Boral is available in different shapes, colours and patterns. All Boral roof tiles are built to last, Boral Ceramics comes with a 60-year warranty, terracotta tiles have a 50-year warranty, and concrete tiles have a 20-year warranty.

All Boral roof tiles are corrosion resistant and freeze-resistant, making them suitable for use in any location, including coastal areas and forest fire-prone areas. Therefore, when choosing materials, do not worry about the adverse effects of your home location.

Step 2 Shape:

There are many options for the shape of Boral roof tiles, such as smooth, raised and wavy. The main consideration in choosing roof tiles is the pitch of the roof and its style. Also, you will need to find out the spacing of the roof when choosing, as some tiles require a minimum spacing.

Step 3 Colour:

Colour choices can have a fundamental impact on the style and character of your home. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available for Boral roof tiles. You should do your research before deciding. Here’s our advice: A good starting point is to gather reference material, such as photos you took yourself or found online. Save as many pictures as you can, then compare and choose your favourites over and over again. You can also visit the builder’s show home, which will also give you more visual options. 

Furthermore, your home’s architectural style, neighbours, surrounding amenities, road design and environment are the main factors. Also consider the colour of your home’s gutters when choosing a roof colour, as they are close to each other. Colour matching of exterior walls, garage doors and window frames is of course also a consideration. Trust your ideas, choose what works for you, and don’t pay attention to other people’s advice. This is your own home!

Step 4 Accessories:

The roof can also be decorated! There are accessories that work well with your roof, such as sarking, that have become a must for performance. Other accompaniments are for the aesthetic of the house, and as the flowers in your yard, the right accompaniments can take your roof to a higher level.

Step 5 Installation:

Congratulations! This is your last step to meet your new roof. Of course, there is nothing more you can do about it. To get a good roof also depends on a qualified builder. To ensure your roof installation meets Boral specifications, we recommend that you use our Green Frog Roofing service.

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