A properly maintained roof is critical to the safety and security of those who reside in your house. A robust roof will keep your home structurally sound while protecting your living area from harm. Because there are no fractures in your roof, any water leaks will be stopped, preventing water damage, rot, and mildew. Your drywall will stay intact, walls will stay clean, and electrical systems will continue to function securely and effectively without leaks and dampness. Snakes and other pests are kept out of your home by a strong roof. As a result, it is apparent that a sturdy roof is required to keep you secure and avoid harmful risks from wreaking havoc on your living area. With that being said, we are going to talk about how to maintain your Boral Roof Tiles.

Boral Roof Tiles Mould Cleaning

To avoid the hazards of walking on a wet tiles, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning firm. Mould growth can leave a filthy surface, but it can be treated to return it to its previous state. Mould, algae, and moss grow on the dust and other organic waste that has accumulated on the tiles rather than directly on the tiles. When sufficient cycles of heat, moisture, and light are present, these spores begin to proliferate. Many environmental factors can influence organic growth capacity.

The number of trees, canals, and lakes in the area, as well as the house’s position and orientation to the sun, can all contribute to mould formation. Mould, algae, and moss, fortunately, may be removed or treated. Cleaning can be repeated as needed if growth returns.

To clean your Boral Roof tiles, we recommend hiring an expert specialist. For effective pressure cleaning of roof surfaces to remove dirt, algae, mould, or moss, use the procedures listed below. Depending on whether your Boral Roof tiles is grout-coated or painted, different treatments may be necessary. To avoid damaging the surface, use little pressure and keep a safe distance from the tiles.

Re-Coating & Painting Your Roof Tiles

If you wish to install Boral roof tiles on your roof after it has been pressure cleaned, use a clear alkyd primer as directed by the manufacturer. If you wish to alter the colour of your roof, once the pressure washing and priming have dried, you should paint the surface with a good quality 100% acrylic paint. If you don’t want to affect the colour of the roof tiles, seal the surface with a 100% clear acrylic sealer after pressure cleaning and priming.


All concrete materials experience weathering, which is a transitory surface state. The chemical characteristics of cement cause this reaction. It simply alters the tile’s surface, not its quality or functional characteristics. When water is added, the resultant cement contains free lime, which undergoes a series of chemical reactions. Calcium hydroxide is released during these processes, and when it reacts with carbon dioxide, it creates a white, chalky, crystalline salt deposit on the tile surface. In most cases, however, the roof’s original colour is preserved, and no more weathering occurs. So there’s no reason to be concerned.

Regular Check

The following parts you may also check in a specific period:

Although Boral Roof Tiles have good quality, it is still important to have good maintenance. Green Frog Roofing has consistently satisfied customers with years of experience in roof repairs. We have a great team dedicated to roof refurbishment. When you spot a problem with your roof, it’s best to get in touch with a professional team right away to avoid jeopardizing your property. So call 1300 166 522 now and get a free quote or discuss your questions and concerns with a professional now!