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Clint’s Roof Paint Reveiws

Over the years many different roof paints have been developed. Manufacturers like to call them ‘coatings’ or ‘membranes’ – basically anything to give them individuality, and rightly so!

There are some great differences between products and choosing the right one can be difficult with everyone spruiking the benefits of their own coatings. After 20 years in the industry and being a licensed roof sprayer myself I have had first hand experience with all of these coatings.

I would like to point out I am not obliged to use any particular coating and have tried to make this as independent as possible. This review is my personal opinion only, based on my expertise in this field.

I have mainly dealt with the major players in the market. While some manufacturers may claim the world, in my opinion the manufacture of a quality product requires extensive research and development as well as top-end manufacturing equipment.

Here are the 5 major products presented and reviewed:


A Victoria-based paint manufacturer established in 1981, Nu-tech is one of the original suppliers of roof coating to the industry. Nu-tech is considered one of the better manufacturers in today’s market. They manufacture two lines of water-based primer – a standard primer sealer for smooth tiles, and a thicker GP primer for rough tiles. They have two lines of colour coating: the first Nu-tech original and a top of the range Tileflex 2000 with a Teflon additive.

Primer Advantages

Primer Disadvantages

  • 2 choices to allow for tile surface
  • Excellent tile penetration
  • Good spread rates
  • No specific product for sandy tiles

Top Coat Advantages
Tileflex 2000

Top Coat Disadvantages
Tileflex 2000

  • Excellent shine with good body
  • Good amount of solids, at 42%
  • Quality ingredients including Teflon
  • 10 year guarantee
  • You pay a premium for the ‘Teflon’ name
  • Can stick tiles together


Dulux entered the lucrative roof restoration market around 1999 and in typical fashion they spared no expense, manufacturing an excellent coating backed by the biggest name in the paint industry. They produce a solvent sealer, claiming greater penetration and stronger bonding power, and they use acrylic colour coats.

Primer Advantages

Primer Disadvantages

  • Has great bonding power for sandy surfaces and smooth tiles
  • Good etch primer for metal
  • Good tile penetration
  • Sprays well out of the gun
  • Metal containers are necessary for solvent so the price is passed on to the consumer
  • Lacks hi-build for rough tiles

Acratex colour coating Advantages

Acratex colour coating Disadvantages

  • Won’t stick tiles together
  • Excellent overall finish
  • 10 year written guarantee
  • Great quality control measures
  • You pay a premium for ‘Dulux’
  • Can look patchy – this is also mainly due to thin primer

Regent Paints

Another Victorian company that has been in the industry since 1993, they are considered by many of my peers to have a budget line of products, understandably popular among sole traders. They have included additional primers/sealers to their range including a wax modified roof paint which claims to reduce dirt buildup.

I have not used their paint so I cannot make comment.

Modern Roof Restoration’s Acryloc

Modern Roof Restoration is one of the pioneers of the roof restoration industry, boasting over 50,000 roofs restored and manufacturing their own line of roof coatings. They have 3 different sealer types: a GPPB specifically for sandy tiles, a stock sealer and a hi-build sealer for rougher tiles.

Sealer Advantages

Sealer Disadvantages

  • An excellent range to perfectly suit most tile surfaces
  • Excellent penetration
  • Has stood the test of time
  • None – they have ticked all boxes

Colour Coat Advantages

Colour Coat Disadvantages

  • Excellent thickness and body
  • Once again has stood test of time
  • Excellent quality control measures
  • Should not be used on terracotta roofs
  • Can stick tiles together
  • Only available through Modern Roof Restoration

Roof Seal Ellemex

Roof Seal are an Adelaide-based company started in the 1980s. Enjoying great successes early on they attempted to enter the Sydney market in 2007 but failed.

I have not used their paint so I cannot make comment.

Green Frog Selection

So what would I choose to do my own roof?

I would always choose the best product for the situation:

  • If it were a rough tile, like most tiles older than 25 years, I would use Nu-tech’s GP primer with a 2-coat Dulux system.
  • If it were a metal roof or smooth tile I would use Dulux all the way.

Remember even with the best paint in the world the key is PREPARATION, using the right equipment and having the technical know-how.