attic conversions

Out growing your home? Convert your attic and add new areas for storage, an extra bedroom, or create a new multipurpose living area!

You may be feeling like you have out-grown your home, no need to move
out, you can create an entire new space with an attic conversion!
Many homes across Australia have an extensive amount of unused space
that can be converted into an entire new space with an attic conversion.
Many Australians worry about the cost of adding new rooms and spaces to
their homes, however an attic conversion is nowhere near as costly and
can look just as great!
An unused attic cavity may be the perfect room after it has been
transformed. There may be some intimidating roof structures like a truss
system, electrical wiring, pipes, and potentially ceiling insulation. Not to
worry, the rest of the space is completely useable and can be transformed
into an extra room in your existing home!
An attic conversion will also increase the value of your home and while
also saving you a significant amount of money because you will not need
to knock down any existing walls or compromise space from other rooms
in the house.

Need more storage?

If you and your family are in desperate need of extra storage space, an
attic conversion could give you an entire room worth of storage space!
These spaces are not only good to have as an extra storage space for your
household items, but it can also help to declutter your home or give a
member of your household a new space to call their own.

What you need to know

It is important to keep in mind the structural integrity of the house before
choosing to do an attic conversion. There may be a few structural
components that may restrict you from having the ability to convert your
attic into useable space. 

This includes:
– Height restrictions
– Load bearing capacity

At Green Frog Roofing, we consider all of these factors to ensure that your
attic conversion is safe and approved by your council.

What are the requirements?

Attic conversions are a big renovation process so it important to make
sure that your attic conversion is done in compliance with your local
council’s requirements and that everything is done in line with Building
It is important that when considering converting your attic into a living
area, you ask your council for permission to start the build. However, if
you are just wanting to use the attic for storage space you do not need to
contact the council for approval.
According to the Building Code, they generally require at least 60% or
more of the area to have a 2.2 metre height clearance.

What is the cost for an Attic Conversion?

Attic conversions are much more affordable than adding an extension to
your home. However, it is hard to determine the exact price of an attic
conversion as it will depend on the size of the space, any complications
that may occur and the materials you choose.

However, an attic conversion is adding value to your home, so it is
important to remember this in the process.

Green Frog Roofing are professionals in providing quality roofing solutions
to your attic conversions, however, you will also need other professionals
to help complete your attic conversion.

This may include:
– Plumbing and electrical
– Flooring
– Council fees
– Designer fees

Contact us to hear about how we can help you with your attic conversion
and we will be able to provide a more accurate quote for our services.
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