Do you need more storage in your home? Or are you a little tired of your house’s current design and want to make it fresh with more liveable space? Whether you’d like to declutter or spread out, an attic conversion is able to get the job done. Renovating your extra roof space into something new and practical is super rewarding!

Is my roof suitable for conversion?

If you’re interested in converting your roof into an attic or a loft, there are a few things that must be considered prior to beginning work. First of all, you need to ensure your roof is suitable for the conversion. In order to determine whether your roof is suitable, roof pitch, height, structure and obstacles will need to be measured and taken note of.

If you are converting your attic to be used as a storage space rather than a living space, the main consideration is whether the attic floor will be strong enough for your items. If you are planning to convert this space into a living area however, the following applies;

What are the advantages of an attic conversion?

Our goal is to turn your dreams of extra space into a reality. Whether you are after extra storage space, living space, or just maximising the space you have available, we can help. Attic conversion provides so many benefits to your household and family, and should definitely be considered as a primary option when getting the itch to spread out. Need more information before making this amazing commitment? Call our very talented and knowledgeable team on 1300 166 522. We are excited to speak with you about attic conversion, and beginning the next step in the process! Why wait? Talk to a team member today; it’s free!